Be cautious with the labels…they are sticky!

I have noticed of recent that diagnostic labels are used very flippantly for example if someone is sad or disappointed they describe themselves as depressed or someone is moody they referred to as bipolar. Super organised is called OCD and unreasonable is described as psychotic. Though maybe these terms are used as hyperboles to make [...]

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Taming the dragon within: Anger management from a psychological perspective

  As a therapist I am inundated with people that come in or are dragged in by relatives for the elusive anger management. I use the word elusive to describe it for everyone manages their anger differently. Though there are techniques to help with the behavioural aspect of anger, understanding the internal and external factors [...]

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The Role that the father’s attachment plays in the emotional development of the child

Recently our family has seen a tragedy where a young mother expecting her first child passed away in childbirth. Sadly, she didn’t get to see her beautiful baby boy and he will never know his mother’s touch. However, as tragic as this situation is, there is a glimmer of hope for this child, for his [...]

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